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DEFUSE is upon us! We would like to thank all of our sponsors, speakers and volunteers who have helped setup.

Ignite Dublin
Come join the Dublin IxDA community for a night of inspiration, innovation and insight as some of Ireland's leading experts in the field of Interaction Design share their stories and highlight some of the most compelling design challenges they face.

IxDA Dublin will host an evening with 12 of Ireland's Interaction Design experts who have just five minutes to present their most compelling ideas about design. The evening will also include a great design competition with a fantastic prize up for grabs, thanks to the sponsorship of Design Partners

Hosted in The Sugar Club we hope to continue the creative conversation late into the evening. Come join us!

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MC for the event

Ré Dubhthaigh, @re_dubhthaigh

Ré is co-founder of The Civic Works, where he leads on service strategy work with public sector organisations. Ré has a background in design research and strategy, and as director of service design agency Radarstation led projects for clients including the BBC, Sony, Lego, Southern Water, Elsevier and Nokia. He is a Design Associate at the UK Design Council, working with start ups, industry and public sector organisations in the UK to innovate their services.

Ré has an MA in Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art, London and has been a researcher at InnovationRCA and the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. He was recently interim design research manager at Design Academy Eindhoven and is a regular lecturer and speaker on design and service strategy internationally. Ré was an advisory panel member for Pivot, Dublin's World Design Capital bid in 2010.

Pauk Adams

Our new creative canvas

Paul Adams, @padday

Most new media take decades to stabilise. The web is no different. We forget that it is only 20 years old, and still going through dramatic change. Right now, the web is being re-architected, away from destination and pages linked together, towards individual units of content that are uniquely aggregated in real-time depending on the preferences, lifestyle and interests of the person viewing. This will have a dramatic impact on what we'll design in the next few years.

Paul Adams is the Head of Product Design at Intercom, where he leads future product design and the product roadmap. Paul is broadly recognised as one of the leading thinkers in social design and technology. His work has been widely published and cited, Fortune magazine described Paul as "one of Silicon Valley's most wanted", and his talk on the future of the web is one of the most viewed presentations online. Paul published his first book Grouped in 2011, which continues to be a primary reference for social marketing and design.

Prior to Intercom, Paul worked as the Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook, led social research at Google, where his work was foundational in building Google+. Prior to Google and Facebbok, Paul worked in research and design consultancy for clients including the BBC, The Guardian, Vodafone, and UK Government, and as an Industrial Designer at Dyson.

Paul holds a Master of Science in Interactive Media and a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design. He holds multiple patents from Facebook, Google and Dyson and writes a popular blog at ThinkOutsideIn.com.

Eoin Brazil

Handy Interface Design

Eoin Brazil, @eoinbrazil

As mobile devices spread we become more immersed in application, however are these mobile applications designed to actually address how we interact with devices? The current trends towards responsive design and multi-device design demostraight a focus towards presentation rather than interaction. Is there another way to look at designing for these devices? Are these devices really helping address how we as humans are wired to perceive and interact with the world?

Eoin has been invovled in UX since 2000, when he started research in the Interaction Design Centre in the University of Limerick. In the last thirteen years he has worked, taught and engaged with universities and companies on a range of projects, nationally and internationally. He formerly led the technology transfer group at the national supercomputing centre (ICHEC) and more recently led the mobile services group with the TSSG in WIT. These projects have involved everything from museum displays, to weather forecasting and second screen applications.

Niall Harbison

Innovate Or Die

Niall Harbison, @NiallHarbison

Technology is changing everything. The pace of change is such that large companies like Blackberry and Nokia are being made irrelevant overnight. This applies to small business as well so what can you do within your organization to make sure you always innovate.

Niall Harbison founded social media agency Simply Zesty in 2009 with seed capital in 2009 before selling it just 3 years later to UTV. The company that started in a spare bedroom now has more than 50 employees with offices in Dublin, Belfast and London. Niall used money from the sale to become an angel investor choosing to try and create more companies in Ireland that will in turn create more jobs. Niall's next project is PR Slides where he is lead investor and CO-CEO


The Lunch Experience

Lynsey Duncan, @Lynsey_Duncan

Why can buying lunch be so frustrating? Has anyone actually designed the experience of buying lunch? Lets look at what's going wrong and try to fix it.

Lynsey is a UX Designer with the Dublin based digital consultancy iQ Content. User research is her passion as she loves to learn about people and how they use the things we create. While digital design is currently her focus she is interested in all design disciplines having previously studied product design and worked as a service designer in London for Orange and live|work.

Dermot Daly

We're all minted selling €2 Apps, right?

Dermot Daly, @dermdaly

A look at what's involved in producing a simple app, and the "rewards" it brings.

Dermot Daly is Founder and MD of Tapadoo, a leading Mobile App developer. Tapadoo was formed in 2009 initially offering iPhone app development. They now offer App Development and Consultancy for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

Tapadoo have produced apps for Advertising Agencies, Government, Startups and publish their own apps and have clients in Ireland, UK and USA. Dermot is also co-founder of Úll, a conference for iOS and Mac Developers held in Dublin.

Tara Whelan

Digital Fabrication for your Mam

Tara Whelan, @taraannosaur

3D printing seems to be the big new thing, being touted as a lynchpin technology in the "third industrial revolution". But 3D printing is just shy of 30 years old - why haven't we felt its supposed revolutionary effects yet? Tara will talk about why digital fabrication is important and just why your mam isn't using it. Yet.

Tara is co-founder of The Civic Works. She comes from a background in Industrial Design, graduating from NCAD, and has a post-graduate diploma in Interactive Media.

With The Civic Works, she has worked with The Departments of Health and Agriculture, Dublin City Council, DCC Libraries and The Crafts Council Of Ireland on a range of projects, helping them to improve their services and successfully meet their ambitions, working to produce new civic goods and services. She is currently working on helping people to make things using digital fabrication.

When not helping people to make things, she spends her time being shouted at by Viking Splash Tours for being too yellow.

Mathew Bates

Tapping in

Mathew Bates, @Design_Partners

How do you make an already beautiful piece of industrial design like the iPad even more memorable? How can you use fabrics and patterns to richen the user experience? In his talk, Mat will take us through the design and development of the Logitech Fabricfolio, giving us a glimpse in the process of designing the interactions of a physical object.

Mathew is a Design Director at Design Partners where he works on mobile, outdoor and lifestyle projects for global brands. He is responsible for leading design and brand strategy for key client portfolios; collaborating with UI, graphic and industrial designers to create compelling user experiences. Mathew is an accomplished Industrial Designer with 15 years of experience, whose work has been recognised by the IF, Red Dot and IDI awards in Europe and the Good Design Award in North America.

Design Partners is a strategic, multi-disciplinary product design consultancy with studios in Ireland and San Francisco who work with clients in the consumer electronics, lifestyle and medical sectors

Cristina Luminea

Designing Marketing Experiences

Cristina Luminea, @cristinaluminea

Looking at the paradigm shift created by social media and smart technologies, we can clearly see that customer behaviors have changed and interacting with this new type of customer has its challenges. Today customers don't react to factual lists of features or statements of greatness anymore. They want connections, engagement and openness. They want experiences and they want value. This talk will be looking at customer expectations and their impact on how we design marketing experiences to create value.

Cristina is the founder and CEO of ThoughtBox, an experiential marketing company, using technology and Gameful Learning to develop experiences which engage young segments. Previously she was part of the New Ventures & Innovation Group in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in charge of R&D and designing new educational experiences that utilise the capabilities of new technology to the fullest. Cristina has two Honours degrees in Software Development, a Bachelor degree in International Marketing and a Research Master Degree in Engineering. She is passionate about education and technology and is on a mission to show everyone that maths can be fun.

Frazer McKimm

4th Dimensional Design. Interaction in motion.

Frazer McKimm

What does General Relativity and Car Navigation system design have in common? The answer is not Black Holes & how to avoid them. Put another way how do you design for dynamic states in motion?

This talk will look at the challenges facing HCI Designers in developing interactive solutions for Dynamic or 4D Environments.

Frazer McKimm has been a very active promoter and event speaker on the need for more human centred solutions in the mobile telecommunication and automotive space. The audience includes core industry groups, network engineers, designers, neurologists, government and the general public. As the technology complexity and commercial opportunity explodes the human requirement has never been more pressing.

DHS is an active research company, publishes and presents technical research papers to the HCI (Human Computer Interface) academic community. These papers focus on user testing to develop new modalities of interaction in the automotive & telecom environment. Over the years Frazer has participated in TV programs for Japanese & UK production companies as well as spoken on Irish government trade missions.

Conor Courtney

Living design, designing Life.

Conor Courtney, @ccourtne

Advances in molecular technologies and related fields have made design in biology more than feasible for the first time; as these fields continue to expand we will be presented with new challenges but also new opportunities.

Conor Courtney spent the majority of his working life as a researcher / tour guide / production assistant / lab manager and general body of knowledge-made-flesh for Science Gallery in Dublin. He has worked on over 20 different Sci-Art exhibitions and has developed content for installations exploring everything from human physiology to the physics of foam to experiments in maths, oscillations and social-psych. He's officially a microbiologist but unofficially he's many other things besides.

David Wall

We are all lost

David Wall, @davidfwall

…and it's ok. The imagined narratives that we impose on ourselves and our audiences help us to make sense of our future and past. Graphic design is at its most potent at the point between comprehension and reaction, providing a framework to address our present.

David Wall is a partner and designer at Conor & David, the graphic design studio he founded with Conor Nolan in 2006. The focus of the studio's work is to create useful, beautiful, content-driven graphic design for print and screen, for a diverse range of clients. Each project is considered as an opportunity to inject craft and a sense of play into the brief.

Duncan Ray

Judging a New Product: Has the Jury Reached a Verdict?

Duncan Ray, @agreeablenotion

Almost everybody is wanting a piece of the UX factor but many are only starting down the who, what, when, and where of it. How can we help them figure it out really fast? Can your design collaborations benefit from drawing from an established mental model from another disciplined search for truth: the aged court of law? Duncan delivers the rapid fire version of his latest article in UX Magazine in which he positions experience designers as defenders and prosecutors of a design.

Duncan Ray is the Director of Practice at Tomorrow Studios, a burgeoning Irish-based customer experience consultancy with international reach. Tomorrow assists multi-nationals, corporations, start-ups, and agencies mature their experience design and innovation capabilities. His thinking on collaboration-driven innovation and sustainable experience design draws upon work in elearning, telecoms, gaming, and financial sectors. He is an Honorary Member of the UX Working Group at the Innovation Value Institute, Member of the Market Research Society, and the new President of UXPA Ireland.


7pm, Thu November 7th


The Sugar Club


12 Speakers

How Long?

Each Speaker has 20 Slides, and 15 secounds a slide.
(5 Min per Speaker)


Free (Thanks to sponsors)


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